Thank you so much Shakib and his team for organizing a seminar on “Metaverse in Education” organized by Dhaka University IT Society (DUITS) for organizing at CARASS, University of Dhaka. The Students of Dhaka University proves again that they are much advanced of other universities. Technologies are moving very fast, Education 1.0, Education 2.0, Education 3.0 then Education 4.0. And What next? Metaverse, Metauniverse, or Eduverse? The content, connectivity and Devices are most powerful nowadays. We are thankful to the Government of Bangladesh for making all efforts to avail the facilities of 4IR. We are much ahead of many other countries to incorporate education 4.0. Still we have a long way to go… I am learning everyday from everywhere.

I am also hoping we can have metaversity soon like many other countries.

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