Project Summary
A pilot project was started at Pajulia Village of Gazipur district with 5 sensors devices and three major crops with 15 Farmers from January 2017 to September 2017. The pilot project was named as “CREATING E-VILLAGE USING SMART AGRICULTURAL TECHNOLOGIES (PHASE I): Empowerment of Rural Communities with ICT for Ensuring Sustainable Agricultural Development in Bangladesh” implemented by Professor Md Roshidul Hasan, Dept of Computer Science and Information Technology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Center for Research and Information, iSoftStone, and Embassy of China in Bangladesh.

The main objective of the initiatives was to
• Reduce input cost and provide maximum benefit for providing e-solution to the farming communities for a certain crop/ a certain set of crops;
• Develop low cost integrated sensor devices;
• Develop Apps for data interchange and crops management in Bengali
• Ensure farmers’ empowerment by providing need-based training on crops
• Reduce Digital divide

The following develop the followings;
IoT Devices (Integrated Sensor Devices with 5 Sensors)

  1. Soil Moisture (RH)
  2. Solar Irradiation
  3. Air Temperature
  4. Air Moisture
  5. Leaf Wetness

Data Model (Different Data models based on sensor data)

  1. Irrigation data model
  2. Crop Management
  3. Soil properties

Mobile app: A Mobile apps developed with

  1. Image and text in Bengali
  2. Data sending and receiving capacity
  3. Available offline information

Communication Channel

  1. A well and secure communication channel developed
  2. Communication channel between end-user and expert pools
  3. Feedback and report panel